Amidst the turbulence in the business environment where the economic conditions have rendered patients in the health care industry powerless, the REBIRTH OF NOTRE DAME DE CHARTRES HOSPITAL (NDCH) came into being to fulfill its raison d’ etre.

history-aThe journey of Notre Dame started when the Sisters of Saint Paul converted their summer house into a 40-bed hospital on October 01, 1931 serving Benguet & Balatoc Mining Corp. During World War II, Notre Dame was not spared from the horrors of war. It was bombed by the Japanese soldiers because it became a shelter to the American military.

On October 7, 1946, Notre Dame rose from the ravages of war. Another 40-bed unit was blessed and inaugurated.

history-bA decade later, Notre Dame De Lourdes Hospital was rebuilt and blessed on April 19, 1959. It became a prominent institution in Baguio City, known for its caring and quality service.

history-cUnfortunately, on July 16, 1990, the hospital was not spared of the wrath of the devastating earthquake that rocked Baguio City. The hospital was deemed unsafe and tents were built to accommodate their patients. The sisters decided to close the hospital on March 1991.

Thirteen years have passed, and the seed that lay buried in the ground has come to life, again… The REBIRTH… The Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres have come back to fulfill their mission.

history-dThey started as Notre Dame De Chartres Diagnostic & Pastoral Center (NDCDPC). It was blessed on September 27, 2003 and opened October 1, 2003. The center with its state of the art facilities operated to serve everyone and with the collaborative efforts of the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres and the team of medical and allied professionals. Gradually making their presence and services recognized…

In the fulfillment of NDCDPC vision & mission, they have courageously expanded their health care services. After two years as a diagnostic center, they created a transitional 25-bed hospital. The hospital was blessed on July 26, 2005. And after fulfilling recommendations and accreditation, NOTRE DAME DE CHARTRES HOSPITAL opened and started her 24-hour hospital operation on August 22, 2005. An additional 25 bed was added a year after. 2010, A new building was opened that houses the Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory which is the first in Northern Luzon and the additional 32 beds.Laboratory which is the first in Northern Luzon and the additional 32 beds.Laboratory which is the first in Northern Luzon and the additional 32 beds.